UQGAN: A Unified Model for Uncertainty Quantification of Deep Classifiers trained via Conditional GANs
Philipp Oberdiek, Gernot A. Fink, Matthias Rottmann
Preprint. Under review.


Detection and Retrieval of Out-of-Distribution Objects in Semantic Segmentation
Philipp Oberdiek, Matthias Rottmann, Gernot A. Fink
The IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) Workshops, Seattle, USA, 2020


Exploring Confidence Measures for Word Spotting in Heterogeneous Datasets
Fabian Wolf, Philipp Oberdiek, Gernot A. Fink
Proc. Int. Conf. on Document Analysis and Recognition, Sydney, Australia, 2019


Classification Uncertainty of Deep Neural Networks Based on Gradient Information
Philipp Oberdiek, Matthias Rottmann, Hanno Gottschalk
8th IAPR TC 3 Workshop on Artificial Neural Networks for Pattern Recognition, Siena, Italy, 2018